Air Cargo Intralogistics

Process automation

We make it easy.

Automation of our systems is one of ACUNIS’s core expertises.

The heart of the matter is Siemens PLC control systems and high-quality sensors, coupled with reliable industrial bus systems. Thanks to its many years of experience in this market ACUNIS has at its disposal a large choice of standard modules. That makes our automation solutions economical and reliable.

Naturally, system availability has the highest priority. The cargo has to get to its destination! Accordingly, right at the concept stage rules are observed for the required redundancy and means of manual intervention provided for.

Systems in which automated and manual system sections merge into one other present a special challenge for safety technology. ACUNIS has a lot of expertise in this area and works out the most economical concept possible based on regional requirements.

Other highlights of ACUNIS automation are automatic barcode recognition, ULD number recognition using a camera system, or precise automatic volume recognition, which, in conjunction with an automatic weighing system, make accounting processes considerably easier.