Air Cargo Intralogistics

Warehouse management system

UniWare – Ready to start.

In UniWare ACUNIS offers a modular warehouse management system with directly functionable modules for all the standard processes at an air cargo hub.

All project-specific adaptations and extensions (customisations) are done on this basis. The system features ready-to-use interfaces to common cargo host systems like Champ, Hermes or UniSys.

UniWare offers in its modular and freely configurable structure need-based solutions for all the processes required in the cargo terminal, such as yard management, warehouse management or the ramp & transport service. All processes are designed to enable changes in general conditions (dynamic flight plan change, break-down after deadline) to be suitably responded to at any time.

UniWare is an integrated system. It combines warehouse management, material flow computer, system visualisation and control technology into a unit.